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Fashion provokes many opinions. Some think that it is superficial, others, live and breath it and some are largely indifferent to it. However, fashion and personal style can go a long way to help you to feel more confident and express your individuality. Using fashion to express who you are, or who you aspire to be, was first used as a social, cultural and individual form, most notably by the French in the 18th century. There are many ways that you can use fashion to boost your self-confidence and express your individuality.


Use Fashion for Confidence


Have you ever had a piece of clothing that made you feel amazing and that you wore all of the time? Try to recreate that feeling by energising your wardrobe and purchase a few new pieces that make you feel comfortable and confident and wear them as your ‘go to’ pieces whenever you are facing a stressful day.


Think Outside the Box


If you find it hard to find clothes that express who you are as a person, then it’s time to re-evaluate where you shop. Many of the high street stores cater to a particular taste, age range or fashion that is ‘in’ or on trend. Try boutiques or new designers and have fun experimenting to find what suits your personality and body type. Always go for quality over quantity and be bold and allow your true self to shine through!



Create a Style that Fits Your Brand


Every, single person has their own unique brand. This goes deeper than your personal style and fashion sense. Your brand is something that you consistently curate over time, as you grow as a person and know yourself better. Using fashion as a way to express your individuality can help you to create and refine your personal brand, boost your confidence and make you been seen in the world, the way you feel and want to be seen. Make a promise to yourself to stop hiding the best of yourself and to allow yourself to be seen!



Think before you post is the new think before you speak. Social media has become so prevalent now people often turn to it as a crutch to aid them to say things they wouldn’t usually be able to express. It’s a great outlet to spark debate, meet new people, and get in touch with many people at one time – but it has downsides. Recent surveys have showed that a huge percentage of employers screen their applicant’s social media before they offer them a job. With something this serious in mind, how do you think you come across on social media? What can you do to ensure your social media represents you as a personal brand?

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The ten minute rule is very simple. If you create a post, leave it as a draft for ten minutes. When you go back to it ask yourself if it still seems like something sensible to post and if it is relevant. If the answer is no then it is probably not something worth posting.

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The more you post on social media the more it looks like you are not putting time and effort into your other projects or life in general. If you update your status or tweet often it is likely you will become one of those people who other people just tend to ignore because they post too often. Keep it limited and ensure you only speak when you want to share something of quality. Remember you are creating your personal brand.

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We have all heard of the classic horror story of people sharing their holidays on social media only to come back and find out they have been burgled. Well this is real, it happens, and it is a prime example of the bad that can come from oversharing. Security reasons aside, if you have very conservative views or you feel very strongly about something that is controversial it may be better left off of social media. If you do feel you need to use it as an outlet set up a private profile for close friends and a public one for colleagues and acquaintances.

Use common sense

The best litmus paper for a social media post is your own common sense. If you look at something and you don’t think you should be posting it – then you probably shouldn’t.



Know what drives you

What led you to pick your career or your major in university? What lights you up? Are there any causes or organisations that you are passionate about and relate to who you are? If they do, work them into your life and schedule and share them with your audience. Tell the world what you want to represent.


Be Authentic

Don’t avoid using your favourite colours on your website, for fear of sending the wrong message or having a dynamic logo, as it may be too bold. When it comes to designing your brand, go with your instincts. Use your unusual name, highlight what makes you unique. What makes you uniquely you, is what you need to share with the world. Sharing your authentic self is what gives you your personal power and gives your personal brand substance and strength. If your not sure how to put it all together, do a few sessions with a personal branding professional. The way in which you deliver your brand is key.


You work too hard, and seemingly endless busy days keep you burning the candle at both ends with everyday responsibilities and challenges. When it comes to ME time you cannot find the perfect moment as you are too busy being overwhelmed by everyday life or too exhausted at the end of the day. You find it hard to STOP and lift yourself back up to SELF-CARE. Does this sound familiar? But imagine how much more energy, vitality and joy you’d have to share, if you too sometime to recharge. Life is busy and can wear you out if you let it, but it can also be so wonderfully fulfilling if you schedule in some ME time and literally give yourself a break! And remember you are worth some self-love and self-care– you are AWESOME!


It’s all about being good to yourself


It can be a morning routine or small afternoon practice. Be good to yourself by incorporating self-care exercises – hit the gym, go for run, take small, mindful breaks and breathe or simply start with an intense walk. Getting active increases endorphins and refreshes your mind. Your body will also thank you!


Focus on attitude to gratitude


Strengthen self-care by noticing your self-talk and thoughts. A happy state of mind goes hand and hand with recognising and honouring your own needs. Is a lot of your self-talk negative, discouraging? What are you missing? What could make you feel better? If you struggle to express gratitude, note the things that you feel lucky to have. Get back to your journal and thank others who make your life brighter and yourself for every accomplishment.



“How-to” self-care guide

The secret of ‘how-to’ lies in focusing on your needs and being kind to yourself. An important part of self-care is being open to continually learn and grow and let go of mistakes.

  1. Create your self-care plan and be sure to make it fun. Start now!
  2. Make your self-care a daily routine, even if it’s something small – take 15 min for yourself
  3. Celebrate and acknowledge every act of self-care and inspire others.


These simple steps can pull you closer to being your best self. It’s essential to take care of yourself just like you would a close friend and keep your self-talk positive. And remember – you are AWESOME! Start celebrating yourself. What are you waiting for?


Chasing Perfection: Why To Stop Looking For What Doesn’t Exist


Chasing Perfection. Is it an elusive word. Is it an elusive concept? What is it that really drives our need for it? Unfortunately, the mere fact that we live in a culture obsessed with perfection where it is viewed as something positive is half of the problem. It creates unrealistic expectations and many people self-sabotage striving for something that doesn’t actually exist. Letting go and realising that striving for your best is more healthy is one of the best things you can do. But how do you stop chasing perfection?


Stop comparing

Mainstream media and especially social media is a huge culprit. We log on every single day and compare ourselves to what is often the fictional representation of the life of others. Remember that time spent posting on social media, is time that is not spent actually enjoying life and being present. Try to stay realistic and stop looking at what others are doing and focus on you.

Know the difference between fantasy and perfection

There is a huge difference between fantasy and perfection. Fantasy is that everyone else has the perfect life, home, career and family. They are fit, healthy, wealthy and having more fun than you! Perfection is achieving your vision of a perfect life. Consider Reframing perfection if you really do feel the need for it. Perfection doesn’t have to be something you see in films or read about in books or social media. It can simply be a situation going as closely to plan as possible, or a day where you feel happy to be alive.


Count your positives

If perfection is important to you, try to reframe your perception of it. Try saying to yourself daily “I know I’m not perfect, but I love/like…” and then list things you like about yourself or things that you do well. Remind yourself that you are doing your best and let that be good enough. Feel contentment and grateful for all that is good in your life. Enlist your friends and loved ones and have a get together where you all speak positively about each other. It will truly be a positively transformational experience!


Some of us have a hard time finding our life purpose. Luckily, we can often find clues to our deeper purpose hidden in our current lives.


If you feel a general sense of dissatisfaction or are lacking energy and enthusiasm for life it could be that you are missing out on your life purpose. Fortunately, if you truly want to find your deeper purpose in life, there are a few simple ways to make a start.

Try one or more of these ways to find your life purpose:

Remember what you loved to do as a child

Sometimes, we lose track of our dreams because of social pressure as we grow up. One way to find out what we truly desire to do is to remember what we loved to do as a child. Perhaps you loved to draw, bake or build elaborate models from construction toys. These childhood pleasures can remind us of what we truly love to do. Once we have rediscovered them, we can begin to incorporate them into our current lives.

Find clues in your hobbies and interests

Often, the things we love to do, or we wish we could do, are hints at our life goals. Perhaps you have a cupboard full of sports gear, art supplies, stacks of cookery books, or something you used to love to do. If so, there is a reason you were moved to buy or try them. See if there is a way to incorporate more of your hobbies into your life. You can adjust your schedule to make more time for them, turn them into a side business – or even make your hobby your new career.

Browse magazines and bookshops

If you are still stuck, try browsing magazines or bookshops. Which subjects appeal to you? Visit your library and bring home a few books on subjects you are interested in so you can investigate further.

Look to your heroes

Another way to discover your deeper desires is to think about the people you admire most. Whether they’re entrepreneurs, statesmen, carers or creatives, chances are if you admire their work you might be happy doing something similar.



Try a stream of consciousness journal

Writing things down can sometimes give you new insights. When we just write what comes into our heads we can tap into our inner desires. Write about anything that comes to mind and see what you unearth. You could try writing with your non-dominant hand as this can sometimes help to bypass our conscious mind. You may also like to paint, draw or collect images of your thoughts and ideas if writing is not your thing.

Your life purpose is yours and yours alone. No one can tell you how to live your life. If you believe in yourself and begin to make small steps to creating change toward your deepest desires, you can discover new ways to live your life more in tune with your dreams and life purpose.


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