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Monthly Archive for December, 2010

How many of us have gone shopping and loved a colour of a garment and then got home, tried it on and realized that the colour just did look quite right? That’s because we all have different skin tones and based on your skin tones colours will look more flattering on than others. When choosing […]

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A nice velvet blazer worn with great fitting jeans is simple yet sophisticated and adds that holiday touch. Underneath the blazer pair it up with a v-neck T-shirt or a dress shirt in a bold colour. The understated combination of a rich fabric like velvet worn with something casual like a pair of jeans gives the look […]

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Tis’ the season and like we all know the next few weeks are filled with plenty of holiday gatherings, work functions, dinners and of course the new year. The holiday season is loaded with opportunities to showcase your best pieces and to look better then ever. Here are some ideas that will take you through the […]

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