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Monthly Archive for January, 2011

http://logancountyhospital.org/?x=viagra-drug-group-topics These days a women’s handbag not only have to be fashionable but also must be functional. It has to fit your cell phone, wallet, makeup, pens and for some their late afternoon snack or change of shoes. At times it can feel like you’re lugging an entire body in your handbag. When choosing a handbag […]

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source Shopping for men’s shoes can be a little difficult for some. For one thing, most men don’t sit around fantasizing about shoes all day. For another, unlike women, men would sacrifice fashion and design for comfort and functionality. Shoe shopping may not be the same for a man as for a woman, however it is […]

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Basic head bands are in the past. These days you will find anything from a jewelled head warmer all the way to the most extravagant hair pins and clips. The selection for hair accessories is endless, and strongly recommend wearing a piece to compliment your outfit rather than your go-to necklace or bracelet you may […]

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The snow is finally falling. For those that thought the snow would never come, this is a wakeup call that it is here and plentiful. It is important to have appropriate snow footwear in this type of weather, because there is nothing worse then walking to the subway in your favourite pumps or dress shoes […]

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For us women, we tend to have a shoe shopping problem. Once we get tired or bored with the old pair we feel the need to buy a new one to compliment the outfit. Rarely do we take a fine pair of shoes to be repaired or revamped after they have been worn through. Now […]

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