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The skinny tie has had a huge revival the last couple years and can now be considered one of the sexiest men’s fashion accessories. It befits a very “madmenesque”, 60’s look, but is back with a slightly more modern edge.  It is extremely versatile, but must be worn as an accessory to compliment the right outfit.

Regular ties have the tendency to make any outfit look formal. The skinny tie is a fabulous accessory used to add a hip twist to your look and is an excellent option for men who want to have a formal yet trendy style for the office. To pull off the look of wearing a skinny tie casually, try pairing the tie with a blazer and boot-cut or straight leg jeans .

***Fashion Tip: When you wear a skinny tie, the width of the lapels on the shirt you choose to wear it with play a large part in pulling off the look.  The width of the lapels should match the width of the tie, or be very close to it.

Explore different textures and patterns the skinny tie has to offer. Bright colours such as magenta, coral, and sea foam green are great hues used to add a playful and peppy vibe to your look. Investigate different patterns such as brocade, tweed, and damask. A skinny tie with a pattern looks fabulous worn with a blazer or vest. Try wearing a neutral pattern tie with a plumb or blue coloured dress shirt. The colour in the shirt will allow the tie to really pop.


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