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Monthly Archive for September, 2011

viagra side effects with other drugs Beauty experts agree that skincare has come such a long way in research and development within the last five years especially. Skin care products have progressed so dramatically that “youth in a jar” is now available to us consumers, but for a hefty price. It is commonplace among those in the public eye like “Eva […]

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come comprare Viagra online con garanzia    Is there a particular occasion approaching that you share with a special someone? Anniversaries, birthdays, and romantic spur of the moment adventures are just a few of the reasons to plan a spontaneous weekend getaway. Relax and rejuvenate solo, or share idyllic moments and create memories with someone special. For the ideal short trip, […]

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The women’s luxury watch industry is booming! Oversized, chunky watches are the most popular prestigious accessories for autumn/winter 2011. Many designers are showcasing their version of this lavish accessory. What style suits your fancy? 1. Michael Kors Oversized Runway Watch This watch gives off a “boyfriend”, androgynous feel. Its chunky, oversized look is very ‘now’. It […]

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Tailored fashion is in focus this season and classics are making a strong comeback.  From classically modern tailored suits, perfectly hemmed trousers, to timeless trench coats, classic cuts are always in style. Let us help you find your classic fashion this fall. A perfectly tailored suit should be every man’s staple go-to fashion piece. Wear […]

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A Splash of Colour

Bold colours are back this fall and it’s time to be daring. Collectioms are bursting with tasteful teal, cobalt blue, and canary yellow. The bright splashes of colour that spring and summer so fortunately brought us are not over, so think again! Pink in all its glorious shades and tones is this season’s top shade. It […]

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