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Finding the right people to definitively optimize your sales is critical. They are the first thing that your potential and regular clientele see and meet when they walk in the door. 
Learn how to optimize your sales by training your staff about the specific subtleties and finesse required to court, relate to and ultimately close the sale in a quick, gracious, efficient manner. Attain valuable knowledge about the qualities that your clientele will look for and relate to in your sales associates and how your staff can deal with the different personality types of your clientele. Learn how to persoanlise the experience for your clientele so it will keep them coming back again and again. Discover how to make the shopping experience for your clientele feel like they are being served by savvy, professional, stylish consultants that can understand and cater to their needs, so that every client feels like your most important client. Realize how to enhance the entire shopping experience of your clientele so that it is seamless and enjoyable from the first moment they enter, to trying on of garments, until the ultimate sale. 

Increase sales by profiting from the inside techniques and insight of an expert and renowned international image consultant, Kelly Millar, President and founder of KM Image Consulting. 
side effects 10mg prednisone Date and Time: November 08, 2011 at 19:00 EDT for 90 mins 
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