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Our Fashion advisors at KM image consultants understand the importance of travelling in style . Gabriella Chanel once said “fashion can be found anywhere and is not just present in clothing and accessories.” Visiting trendy cities that are fashion capitals around the globe can be a wonderful discovery and keep you fashion aware. Some of the major trendy cities for fashion include London, Paris, Milan and New York, but why limit ourselves to the obvious when we can explore fashion in other parts of the world.

London is a fabulous city to start. We are interested in places that offer exclusivity and something a little different. Of course Harrods (Knightsbridge) is an obvious choice to find beautiful and exclusive pieces, with luxury food, décor and a very British heritage. However, Liberty London located on Regent Street, can be described as a multi-brand store that is for those in the fashion “know-how”, offering one off pieces “exclusive to Liberty” and a holistic experience which allows you to feel part of the store.  Brands at Liberty include, but are not limited to, Philip Lim, Rick Owens, Alexa Chung, Tod’s, Christopher Kane and Giuseppe Zanotti. Liberty is a very exclusive lifestyle store for the family, offering products for the Home, Men, Women and Children. An absolute must see when visiting London, especially when searching for those niche and never before seen products.

Speaking of family, another great British multi-brand store, on a smaller scale, is Browns fashion, located on South Molton Street, London. The single storey store was bought by Joan and Sydney Burstein in 1970 and later expanded to a larger store from 1970 – 1979, being one of the first to stock the very popular Comme Des Garçons. Browns is a fantastic place to get a luxury one on one experience, with fashion “must haves”, that again, are exclusive to Browns alone. If you’re looking to get away from mainstream fashion, Browns is the perfect place to visit.

Think quirky – Dover Street is the heart of alternative yet popular fashion, with stores such as Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin, Mr Hare and Victoria Beckham, just to name a few. It is also the home of Concept store Dover Street Market, with rather alternative and even collector’s items for the unconventional fashion follower. With extremely high prices and some unwearable garments, it is a perfect destination for a day out to see the creativity of designers and the intricate ideas that are semi used in Prêt-à-Porter and Couture items. As a concept store, Dover Street market works as a mini museum with a restaurant, optional guide and souvenirs provided by Comme Des Garçons.

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“Destination Fashion” is Paris through and through; the birth place of Couture and home to some of the most prestigious luxury brands today.

Besides the world famous Champs-Élysées (the hub of fashion), Louvre Tuileries is at the centre of the many great places in Paris to visit. Described as the home of luxury, romance and history Paris is the perfect place to visit to take in some fashion and culture. You will find designer stores such as Hermes, Versace, Yves Saint Laurent and style forward concept store Collete, known to be the best concept store in the world. Louvre Tuileries is a must see destination; boasting of the true Paris which is surrounded by vintage shops that take you back to the fashion of yesterday and fabulous jewellery!

KM’s Image Consultants describe Collete as one of the significant shopping destinations in Paris, with its innovative products and service, it is a place for more than just the fashion conscious to visit. As one of the first concept stores (established in 2000), more than just fashion, it presents a way of life.. Although Collete has been described as over-priced, it is pure luxury and to get the full experience, Colette cannot be missed.

A fabulous department to visit when in Paris is Boulevard Haussmann, easy to access on the metro and the answer to all your fashion needs. Boulevard Haussmann, predominantly focuses on luxury collections for men and women. Want an outfit that has just come off the catwalk? This is the place to visit, no one would be able to compete with your fashion-forward style.

To take some of Paris back home with you, The Marais neighbourhood is the “go to” for fine-art and vintage. If you love classical art and fashion, The Marais will have the perfect items and gifts for you, giving you the feeling of a true Parisian experience. MILAN

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When it comes to tailoring and craftsmanship, Italian Fashion wins every time. The great feature of Milan is that you can buy fashion that suits your needs. “Made in Italy” on a label makes one feel a true sense of pride, so where better to shop than Milan – the clean fashion capital.

We all love to get away from the norm, therefore a great place to visit for exquisite and expensive taste is 10 Corso Como (established in 1990), another of the European concept stores. 10 Corso Como offers fine dining, true Italian culture, the history of Italy through art and most importantly – FASHION! Again, 10 Corso Como has a holistic approach. Once you get walk through the doors, you won’t want to leave, a Milan must-see.

A fantastic department store to visit is La Rinascente, founded in 1865.  Located directly opposite a Cathedral, it allows you to soak up history and fashion at the same time. Although a historical store, you can find classic Italian items along with modern fashion, beauty products and homeware. The perfect excuse to take some of Milan home with you.

Quadrilatero d’Oro’ (translating to ‘Golden Quadrilateral’) is the garden of designer / luxury stores where you’ll find world renowned fashion brands. Even if you’re not shopping, Quadrilatero d’Oro’ is a beautiful place to visit simply to admire the architecture. The shopping district is the inspiration for Italian fashion itself, with avant-garde and trend setting garments, mirroring fashion inspiration that everyone wants to follow. Be prepared to purchase an entire new wardrobe!

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There is something for everyone in Barcelona; fashion for all budgets and clothing for conventional and unconventional tastes. There are many local designers that contribute to what is known as “Barcelona Fashion”.

Some local fashion worth a look includes: Ivori, a local brand which specialises in garments and accessories, the soul of the brand is vintage, using old and traditional Spanish dress to create new and exciting fashion. This is a great brand to wear to stand out! Another local brand is Koetánia which specialises in jewellery, providing a custom made service perfect for a unique item that tells a story about you. Another very special local designer is Ailanto. This brand allows you to appreciate the texture and colours of each garment, using geometric shapes which encourage the idea that the most simple detail can make the most beautiful fashion.

Passeig de Gracia is one of the most famous streets in Barcelona, allowing shoppers to buy local fashion whilst enjoying the everyday culture of Barcelona. The beauty of  Passeig de Gracia is the mixture of fashion, from classy to inexpensive chic.

For you luxury shoppers, Tienda Santa Eulalia is the fashion haven of Barcelona. Here you have all the luxury ready-to-wear stores including Balenciaga, Christian Louboutin, Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford, Maison Martin Margiela and many more. If you like to spoil yourself no matter where you are, this shopping haven was made for you.

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When looking for a range of diverse fashion trends Berlin stands out with local designers, luxury brands and a very famous concept store.

Concept store Voo’s interior is influenced by the industrial history of the city. Although Voo is more punk inspired (think Vivienne Westwood) it is well worth a visit to get a sense of Berlin fashion. Similar to other concept stores, Voo has its own selection of trends that make it distinctive. Where punk meets mainstream fashion, stocking brands such as now outlandish Kenzo, understated Acne, collaboration products from Raf Simon’s with Eastpack and fashion favourite, yet non-pretty sneakers by New Balance. The store is regarded as a cool “hang-out” with a selection a fabulous cafes.

Das Neue Schwarz is another exciting store which offers vintage fashion at bargain prices for fashionistas after an alternative look. Brands include Celine handbags, Bernard Willhelm bomber jackets, Chloe wedges, Dries Van Noten suits to name a few.

Mykita is a Berlin based eyewear brand which has in recent years gained much success. Many celebrities have sported the eyewear making it exclusive and a “must have”. If minimalistic mixed with making a statement is appealing, Mykita is definitely worth a visit.



The Trident in Rome is the meeting point of three streets leading to the Piazza del Popolo, Via del Corso, Via del Babuino and Via Ripetta. Here you will find one of the most expensive and exclusive shopping districts in the city. The stunning Versace flagship store is a must see, with it’s Italian roots of mosaic décor. The elegance doesn’t stop at Versace, Louis Vuitton has transformed a classic cinema to create a magnificent designer concept store. The list of luxury brands located here is amazing, so a must see for every fashion enthusiast!

Whist it is easy to get lost in the luxury brands, Rome similar to Barcelona prides itself on style in many forms. There are many very talented local designers not to be missed such as Abitart, a brand which incorporates art into the clothing design. Whatever type of fashion brand you visit in Rome, the heritage of the city plays a key part in the wonderfully inspiring designs.



In Dubai it is common to see many elegant, chic women dressed head to toe in Chanel and we can’t help but feel the awe. There are just so many amazing places to shop in Dubai. Although we tend to see the ladies (in particular) with branded fashion jewellery, we must remember some of the most beautiful gold and diamonds are sold in the UAE, reason enough to go for a shopping trip to Dubai.

The Mall of the Emirates is the most modern approach to shopping. With every store from high-street to luxury in one place, it’s hard to resist a shopping spree! With over 500 brands and 700 stores, it’s a heaven for fashionistas. A great excuse for some heat and a great vacation to go with it. If you want to get away from shopping… yeah right?! There’s always the family entertainment with a ski-resort and snow park inside.

Another reason to visit beautiful Dubai is to take advantage of the Dubai Shopping Festival, where you will find fashion promotions and discounts, have a chance to win luxury cars and take part in traditional cultural activities. This takes place in Winter, which is a perfect time to escape to some warm weather and shop till you drop.

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