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The truth is this: sometimes we don’t feel like ourselves. There is little-to-ono certainty, consistency and a jumble of mess get in the way.

Maybe it’s a new job, a big move, a fallout with someone close.

Whether it’s the end of an era or the start of something new, we can’t keep letting our lives get more and more messy. Not only does it disrupt routine, but we lose our every-day anchor.

If you’ve ever moved homes, you’ll know the ‘mess’ I mean.

Maybe you need to get up earlier to get to work; or maybe moving comes with a new job entirely! Perhaps the mode of travel is different, or the amount of free time you have.

We always make those plans to get back on track and create a new routine, but before you know it it’s been viagra hong months of taking-it-as-it-comes (and the added stress that comes alongside that!).


Below are five little things I do when life gets messy. Sometimes they don’t all happen, but I try my best to at least do half each day. Do you do any of these?


1.Make my bed

Every. Single. Morning.

And change my sheets regularly! An easy way to start each day the same.

 2. Exercise for at least 30 minutes.

Whether that be a walk to work or a high-intensity boot camp I try to make it happen daily. It’s amazing what a little sweat can do for my mindset. The earlier the better!

 3. Eat breakfast.

No, not another carb-loaded snack I grab on the way into my first meeting. Something nutritious but still easy. Musli, yogurt, fruit… something to jump start me for the day

4.Touch base with my partner.

Ask about his day and find out what made him laugh. Staying connected, no mater how frazzled, is so important.

5. Take a break

Even if it’s just one morning a week, I make sure to fit in some ‘me time’ to unwind and rejuvenate. There’s no point in running myself into the ground.

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