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Chasing Perfection: Why To Stop Looking For What Doesn’t Exist


Chasing Perfection. Is it an elusive word. Is it an elusive concept? What is it that really drives our need for it? Unfortunately, the mere fact that we live in a culture obsessed with perfection where it is viewed as something positive is half of the problem. It creates unrealistic expectations and many people self-sabotage striving for something that doesn’t actually exist. Letting go and realising that striving for your best is more healthy is one of the best things you can do. But how do you stop chasing perfection?


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Mainstream media and especially social media is a huge culprit. We log on every single day and compare ourselves to what is often the fictional representation of the life of others. Remember that time spent posting on social media, is time that is not spent actually enjoying life and being present. Try to stay realistic and stop looking at what others are doing and focus on you.

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There is a huge difference between fantasy and perfection. Fantasy is that everyone else has the perfect life, home, career and family. They are fit, healthy, wealthy and having more fun than you! Perfection is achieving your vision of a perfect life. Consider Reframing perfection if you really do feel the need for it. Perfection doesn’t have to be something you see in films or read about in books or social media. It can simply be a situation going as closely to plan as possible, or a day where you feel happy to be alive.


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If perfection is important to you, try to reframe your perception of it. Try saying to yourself daily “I know I’m not perfect, but I love/like…” and then list things you like about yourself or things that you do well. Remind yourself that you are doing your best and let that be good enough. Feel contentment and grateful for all that is good in your life. Enlist your friends and loved ones and have a get together where you all speak positively about each other. It will truly be a positively transformational experience!

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