Cocktail Hour – Finding the perfect dress

This holiday season is approaching and this brings one thing to mind – parties, celebrations and loads of opportunities to dress up. This raises the question, ‘What should I wear?’ If you’re looking for the perfect cocktail dress, look no further. We’ve seen some gorgeous dresses walking down the runways. Stunning in rich champagne colours, there’s no need to stick to “typical” dark bold colours this holiday season. Keep it fresh clean and fabulous when choosing a cocktail dress. It is important to know that when choosing a cocktail dress it can be any length, fit, style and colour. So be sure to find one that fits your figure.

1. The Sweetheart Neckline – Small or large busts, this neckline is flattering on everyone. Choosing a fabric like taffeta is a great crisp fabric that holds its shape without looking boxy and has an overall very slimming effect.

2. Flowy and Layered – This look creates the illusion of a form fitting dress without it being form fitting. Soft layers also adds dimension to your body. Try pairing it with a sheer stocking to add texture to the look.

3. The Princess Seam – This style of dress does not need a waist line. Simple yet sophisticated, this is a perfect style for someone who’s looking for a longer look to a cocktail dress. Especially if you’re not looking to bare your legs in the cold. A pencil dress is the perfect alternative to a dress trouser.

4. The Belted Dress – When you add a belt to any dress you give the dress a whole new look. Subtle yet polished this A-line dress is a perfect fit for any body type. Pulled in at the waist with a slight flare at the bottom – a fantastic chic look.

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